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About was founded by Mark Mills, owner of Activate, an organisation dedicated to helping business owners who want to sell their companies, but are unsure how to achieve the maximum value for their businesses.​

According to Mark "if you are someone who has invested years of your life into a business then you also deserve to see the maximum return. Unfortunately the 'system' can be stacked against business owners, which is precisely why I set up" to help owners to sell their companies.


As one of the UK's leading entrepreneurs himself, Mark Mills has sold many companies including Cardpoint, a company he founded in 2000. When Mark sold his stake in 2006 Cardpoint was valued at £170 million.


"Selling a company can be a very difficult and emotional process. When you are so close to something it can sometimes be difficult to understand where its real value lays in the eyes of an investor. You also want to reassurance that your business will go onto thrive under new ownership and hear that they have listened to you. 


Over the past few years I have developed techniques and strategies to help business owners achieve the best deal for both themselves and their businesses".


Call me directly on 020 7989 7989 for a free, no obligation, chat and we will see if I can help.


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